Puppies expected

Malinios and Border collie kennel

Malinios puppies expected:


In the spring of 2019 we expect puppies from the next combination ; Hypno Fertigo Tarasa Wolf's Island and Petka "Tattoo" .

For these puppies we are looking for owners who have experience with Malinois or other high-drive dogs !!!


Hyno Fertigo tarasa wolf's island born out of Taimco Du Clair Vaillant and Virtuel.


Date of birth : 30 March 2012.

Tested for HD, ED, SD on 15 October 2018.

Official results back on November 14 with these great results at an age of almost 7 years : HDA , ED 0/0 and SD 0/0.

Both the owner of Hypno and I are very happy with these good results, especially after 6 years of sport!!!


About hypno :


He is a happy, playfull dog, who loves to swim , with a cheerful character who loves to work for his owners.Due to circumstances, the owner himself no longer sports with Hypno, but his daughter Britt of 13 year is currently running Hypno in agility grade 2 .They are a super good combination and they have a lot of fun together . Furthermore, Hypno is very social towards animals and humans and completely healthy . I had been planning to use Hypno on one of my bitches for a long time, but due to various reasons (bad timing, illness etc ...) it never happened ... but that is changing now .

I am very grateful to the owners of Hypno for this opportunity , Thank you Van Waegevelde David , Cindy and Britt .






Petka " Tattoo"


Born on 23 March 2016 out of Gépé La Vallée des Nutons and Gucci Guilty de la Terre des Flandres .

Tattoo has A-hips and ED 0/0 , SD 0/0.


About Tattoo :


She is build perfect, not that big, only 52,5 cm .Tattoo is not the biggest, but she has a lot of strength and is very muscular.

She not only loves to work, she needs to work to get rid of all her energy .Very high drive for toys and food !

But she is also very sweet to People, childeren and other animals.

Tattoo is active in agility grade 1 (she needs on more point for grade 2) and flyball .

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