The boys

Malinios and Border collie kennel

The boys

On this page unfortunately not yet a Malinois. Maybe that will happen in the future, but for now i introduce my 2 Border Collie males, one who is retired from the sport and my youngest male with whom I will start competitions next year.

Both are also available as stud dogs. My oldest male Hades van 't hof Diabolo (17/02/2008) has already given a lot of good and healthy work and family dogs and in the meantime several generations have moved on.

My youngest male Connor Monpeja "Flash" (05/08/2017) has recently been fully tested and approved for breeding. More info about both gentlemen can be found below.

Hades van 't hof Diabolo.


Date of birth ; 17 February 2008.

Color : Brown tri, carries dilute.

Hips B

Tested normal for Tns, Ncl, Cea_Ch , MDR1 ,

Igs,heuplaxiteit 1 and 2 ,Hyperuricemie ,

maligne Hyperthermie and DM.

Ecvo test, every year normal, last test 2018 and also normal.

Glaucoom free.

Agility grade 2 and flyball.

Selected and participated in the Belgian Championship agility in 2012.2013, 2014 and 2015.

He has almost all his flyball career run in the first team and in early 2018 run his last matches in the veterans team,now he enjoys a well-deserved pension .


About Hades personally :


He is my first Border Collie and i have really learned a lot from him, i also really got to know the agility world with him, because i did not have much experience and my first dog i competed with was a slow Akita .Hades learned quickly and was very fast, a whole change for me, i'm glad he had so much patience with me and I can honestly say that without him i would never have been in the sport where I am now. Together with him both my husband and I got to know the flyball world, another thing we are very grateful for.

Our Hades is a real teddy bear,a real family dog and very relaxed at home , but when it comes to work he's very explosive, he always wants to work anywhere anytime and he passes all those good qualities to his offspring .


Connor Monpeja " Flash"


Date of birth ;5 August 2017.

B out the following combination; Rising sun Dark Raider and Corny Amicus Miris.

Color ; Black tri , Carries dilute, chocolat and golden red.

Hips ; A, ED 0/0 and SD 0/0 .

DNA tested free for CEA.

TNS, NCL free bij Parents , buth beginning next year other dna test will follow .

Next year we will start agility competions .


About Flash personally :


It is difficult to describe flash without being biased.

For me, he is the ideal dog.

He does everything I want from him and so much more.

He is very smart, learns quickly and is a quick doer .

He always gives himself 110% in everything he does and he is just so sweet and open-hearted.

He loves to play , is crazy about childeren , wants to work and he loves being with me ,he is my personal shadow.

I can really not say anything bad about him, he is perfect for me and i can not wait to compete with him in agility and flyball .





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