The girls

Malinios and Border collie kennel

The girls

Lexus van Diwera " Heavy"


Born on 21 June 2012 from Gucci von Lausbuben and Irani .

HD A en ED 0/0 .

Agility grade 3 .

Flyball first division .


I was lucky to have the first choice of the girls.

And because i only had to drive a half an hour i could visit the puppies a lot .

From the beginning Heavy drew my attention, she was playful ,cheerful and so cute .

I just had to choose her!

She grew up to a playful, sweet, reliable and hard working dog .

But she is also a great family dog and she loves children and puppies .

She was easy to train in agility and she proved to have an innate talent for flyball .

She won a lot of prices at the agility and Flyball , in Belgium and in other country's .


This year (2018) she was selected for the world championship agility of the Belgian shepherds in slovenia and of course we participated, which resulted in beautiful courses, unfortunately with mistakes and 1 clear jumping with a nice 11th place.

Heavy was also selected this year together with her Flyball team for the first FCI world championship flyball in France, where she and her team became 5des in division 1.

And she has selected herself for the World Championship agility of the Belgian Shepherds in 2019 in the Czech Republic .


She is my once in a life time malinois




Des Loups du Balkan Petka " Tattoo"

Born on 23 March 2016 out of Gépé La Vallée des Nutons and Gucci Guilty de la Terre des Flandres .

Tattoo has A-hips and ED 0/0 , SD 0/0.

She is build perfect, not that big, only 52,5 cm and very high drive, she loves to work , but she is also very sweet to people and other animals .

Tattoo is active in agility grade 1 and flyball .


Dreaming of you Qute Nova " Qute" .


Born on 4 February 2017 out of Astra and Armatis Jolly Josh.

.Qute has A hips and ED 0/0.

She is free from Cea , tns ,ncl .

She lives with her co-owners and i will breed her one time .

She is active in agility grade 1 and is very fast and agile , she is also very sweet and social .

From Laeken Paradis Red Dragon Diva .

Born on September 2, 2018 from the following combination: Multi CH From Laeken Paradis Nohkalikia and Galdra's mind Crazy Diamond.

I noticed her from the first moment, it was as if she was trying to sell herself to me. and it worked, I fell hopelessly in love with her and what can you do about it. Nothing .... nothing else than taking her home!

She is everything I ever looked for in a Laeken shepherd and so much more.

I foresee a bright future with her

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